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A Brief History of the Cars (Car Brands)

Old timer Although the cars with self-propelled engines originate back in 1769, the real automotive history begins in 1885. The automotive history is divided into age groups, based on the significant design changes and the technology in the last century. Though precise boundaries can not be estimated, the automobiles chronologically are divided into veterans, brass, antique, classic, pre-war, post-war and modern automobiles.

The automotive industry has made the pioneer steps in Germany, then in France, United Kingdom, U.S. Of America, etc. As this industry branch allows an existence of many other industries with which inevitably cooperates is mainly characteristic of technical and industrial developed countries. It shows an interesting dynamic of development with some oscillations, especially from the eighties of the last century and onwards. From the so called Golden Age of the automotive industry with production of 35.6 million vehicles in 1989 and 35.6 million vehicles in 1990, the production has increased by nearly 70% in 1999 to over 80% in 2008 with production of 61.7 million vehicles.

Japan is experiencing a special development of the automotive industry after the oil crisis in 1973, with a production of high-quality small car brands with great fuel economy. Soon it surpassed the U.S. Of America with its best car brands, to become the biggest car manufacturer in the world and hold it until 2008, when China took the title of a leader. The automotive industry is led by six large car brands that have their own plants all around the world: Toyota, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Mazda, Suzuki and Honda. Toyota is the largest car brand with over 1/3 of the total number of passenger cars.

This year, four giant car brand names are supposed to suffer huge losses: PSA Peugeot Citroen, Fiat, Ford and General Motors. According to the forecast of the international agency Moody's, the losses will probably be about 5 billion Euros. This will be the second consecutive year that car brands names finish with loss, and according to the world mediums, the consumption of the European automobile market this year will be the lowest in the last two decades. The capacity of the automobile market in Western Europe will fall for 5%, on 12,5 million vehicles. It is possible that this year, the sale of vehicles that will grow for about 3%, on 12,85 million vehicles, will fix the situation, because the crisis is lasting for a long period, especially in the countries like Spain and Italy, according to many analysts.

Despite the losses of those four cars brands, the automotive industry is back on track and is expected to have the best year since 2006, with sales of about 16 million vehicles of different car brands. Of all car brands, Toyota was most successful and sold about 8 million vehiclesin 2013, which secured the Japanese car brand to take the leader position among the complete car brand list. General Motors was the second car brand with about 7.5 million vehicles, while Volkswagen came third with about 7.2 million of sold vehicles. In 2011, Toyota was placed third on the same list of car brands, because of the catastrophic earthquake and tsunami, but a year after the car brand is back on the top.

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